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We are authorized training partner with Automation Anywhere to assist individual and corporate certifications! Pricing below is indicative only. It does include valid software, training license, training materials, trainer time. Write to us with your requirements for a quote.

Product List

Individual Certifications

Automation Anywhere Masters Certification

INR 35,000

The flagship certification from Automation Anywhere ascertains your capability as a Master Bot Developer. This module is to prepare you for certification, post completing the training and building bots with relevant use cases. We provide a certificate for training completion, which makes you eligible to attempt Automation Anywhere Certification using all online training material available at Automation Anywhere University webpage.
We will provide:
Automation Anywhere Enterprise Desktop application
Authorized tool licence 
Training videos and study materials
Trainer access for resolutions
use case environment

Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA

INR 25,000

Are you an aspiring bot developer? This is the module just for you! This module makes you self capable to build a bot from the scratch - without any previous coding experience. This module is rated as one of the easiest modules to learn how to build bots. In short it is FUN!
Post training completion, you become eligible to attempt the entry level certification from Automation Anywhere. This ascertains you know to build bots and features of Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise client. A stepping stone to show you know what it takes!  

  1. Automation Anywhere Enterprise Desktop application
  2. Authorized tool licence
  3. Training videos and study materials
  4. Trainer access for resolutions
  5. Recordings
  6. use case environment

For Corporate or batch/bulk training 

Reach out to us!

Product List

Role Based RPA Trainings

Solution Architect module

INR 40,000

More than 60% businesses or project fails due to bad planning! This flagship module on solution architecture ensures understanding of RPA deployment for various infrastructure set ups. The role of a solution architect is extremely critical for an end to end RPA deployment. This is the bed rock of planning the entire framework, that requires to be be built up.

In this module we take the learning from basic concepts to the complex.
This module is designed specifically for a solution architect’s role – someone who would be involved in due diligence and scoping RPA opportunities within an organization or function. For the same an architect must understand existing processes and what tweaks are required to make them RPA ready for future operations. In short, a solution architect should be well versed with Business Process Management (BPM). Also, the architect must be able to understand the scope of an RPA tool to plan the ‘To-Be’ deployment models.

Post this training, a solution architect would, independently, be able to assess, devise, improvise, improve and maintain any RPA opportunity or processes.

Anyone who is an aspiring solution architect could also gear up for the next level 

Bot Administrator module

INR 15,000

This module helps one understand and perform end to end functions on Web Control Room - the brain behind Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client. This is a control measure that manages all confidential records and documents with access control levels and handles. Refer to Details

Leadership & RPA Awareness module

INR 10,000

This module imparts high level knowledge on RPA awareness for top and/or mid management decision makers! Also, this module helps one understand the basic differences of various tools available in the market.
Extremely handy for Management buy in & Change Management initiatives – helping management/employees to be aware of benefits of RPA for their organization! 

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Contact us if you have any specific RPA training requirements, we would be more than happy to customize your training specific to your needs

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