What does our classroom training entail?

its in our DNA to innovate trainings so that we make it an experience and not an effort!

our standard offering

No Coding

No previous coding experience required. We teach relevant coding pre-requisites for building bots

Tool License

Learn the skills on licensed Automation Anywhere tool without compromising on scope

Individual Attention

Trainer pays attention to individual learning capabilities. Wish we could all learn the same way!

Certification Assistance

We would assist you on the certification process, and attempt under the guidance of the trainer

On premise trainings

Benefits of on premise training (OPT) are immense, and prepares the participants for real time practical bot building scenario... see below

  1. Just another day in Office - Learn at your comfort and fimiliarity of your environment. Training is conducted during the office hours. 8 hrs x 3 days +1 day
  2. Relevant use-cases practice  - The 4th day we build bots using the individual use case basis. Being in the office environment you would be able to access the application actually required to automate for your use cases.
  3. Participant Focused - No two trainings are the same. We make it a point to understand the requirements and needs completely to enable a more focused training for an individual or group. We customize our modules before rolling them out!

Online Instructor Led Training

Login to online Live Classes and learn the AA Enterprise tool and start building bots. Get the same benefits as being at the classroom. Access the enterprise version from your local systems to practice at your own pace. Leave the rest to us!

Bot Administration

Be at the center of everything by learning control mechanisms of Automation Anywhere tool. This role is cardinal for governance of overall deployment, and is responsible for analytics you require to formulate better judgements

Hand that rocks the cradle

Own the controller of the deployment by understanding the control center of AA Enterprise tool

Seeing is believing

Generate timely reports and take better decisions basis the analytics generated


Learn whom to let in and whom not to? And who gets what? Maintain security and compliance standards like a boss!

Own it

Learn to maintain repository of the developed and tested bots.

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